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Victoria Zenoff Author
Victoria Zenoff

How long has it been since you have felt passion for your work and balance in your life?

Career strategist and published author Victoria Zenoff uses a practical and proven approach that leads to greater clarity and balance in making inspired career choices. She will work with you to:

  • Develop an individualized strategy
  • Identify the variables that make a difference at your work
  • Write a resume that gets responses
  • Show you how to network to identify potential new career areas
  • Renew your commitment to stated goals and secret promises
  • Get back on track or choose a new one

Victoria Zenoff can help make this difficult transition period a time of positive reflection and constructive action. Her comprehensive career strategies / life work planning process provides critical one–on–one support while you consider options‚ and develop a systematic‚ realistic plan. Located in San Francisco California Victoria is a leader in the industry.

If your thoughts about making a change go beyond curiosity‚ contact Victoria Zenoff at (510) 526-5210 for an appointment.


Recent Comments

“I studied for years, even got my Ph.d.‚ but the things I learned from a few months of working with Victoria gave me the clarity to see my situation from a new perspective and the tools to take action to turn things around.”